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            Welcome to Sony Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory, a company set design, development, production and sales of hydraulic tools business.
          Online Market
          HOT Product
          CH-80AS hydraulic double hole punching machine
          CH-80X-1 hydraulic punching machine
          SYK-22-1 hydraulic perforator
          CH-200 hydraulic punching machine
          CH-60J hydraulic punching machine
          QQ-700 electric hydraulic pump
          CH-100JF hydraulic punching machine
          CH-150 hydraulic punching machine.
          CH-80T angle steel punching machine
          CH-80TY hydraulic pressure hole punching machine
          CH-80CG channel hydraulic punching machine
          CH-80CY hydraulic press
            Sony to Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory is a set design, development, production and sales of hydraulic tools business. The company is located in the beautiful town of Salmonella Industrial Park, Yuhuan County, the park developed transport facilities available.
          Wide range of products mainly including: 1. Multifunction machine bus series (triple, quadruple, Observing) 2. Pressure hydraulic electric pump, hand pump, foot pump, fuel pump series .3 hydraulic punching machine series .4 .5 hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic cutting row machine .6 hydraulic crimping machine series 7. opening series 8. bender 9 bus embossing machine. 10 a variety of copper and aluminum terminal crimping pliers .11 .12 cable scissors,..
          Copyright 2013 Sony to Yuhuan Hardware Tools Factory   AddressJungang Industrial Area, Chumen, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang China 寃ICP11018778
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